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Focus School Software offers a comprehensive solution that includes a suite of products for K-12 school districts: Student Information System, Enterprise ResourceĀ Planning, Special Student Services, and Postsecondary System.

Focus systems are fully integrated, web-based systems that provide support for all the day-to-day requirements of managing the school district. Our SIS Solution allows educators to create, store, and track any form of data including demographic data, scheduling, transcripts, attendance, disciplinary issues and more. The Focus ERP Solution makes managing all of your District’s finances seem effortless. The Learning Management System, will dramatically improve lesson planning, test creation, teacher/student communication, and student assessment and progress. Focusā€™ SSS module provides districts with necessary tools to support students through many facets of the special education process. Our newest product, the Focus Postsecondary System, will ensure accurate reporting and billing that are required for postsecondary students.

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