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Focus understands that there are two distinct needs when it comes to student data: data that is error-free and data that accurately represents a district’s student population. Focus ensures that our clients’ data meets both of these needs.

Quality data is the top priority during state reporting periods, but Focus understands that data quality should not only be a consideration in these “snapshot” times. This attention to data quality keeps school and district performance on target, and makes state reporting an easier process since every data-driven decision requires accurate data.

Focus has successfully met state reporting requirements for every state in which the company does business. This includes state reporting for Florida and Texas, two states that are recognized as having the most demanding state reporting requirements, in addition to New Jersey, Michigan, and California.

Focus has a variety of built-in features for error checking while entering data. Our district address catalog feature prevents users from entering a student who is outside the zoned area for the school. The course catalog feature prevents errors for users when entering course information. Customizable edit rules are used on fields that have specific requirements related to other fields.

In addition, Focus provides verification reports, which help to ensure successful submissions for all data collections. Auditing and verifying data prior to submitting reports can be accomplished in Focus through the DOE verification report, which lists data errors for each report so the user can click on the specific record, validate or make appropriate changes, and rerun the report… all before submitting the data to the DOE.

These tools allow for continual data checking and school-based ownership of information; these are fundamental components to our SIS, and encourage a culture where quality data is expected and delivered.

icon_floridaFlorida State Reporting

Since our first Survey 2 submission in 2009, Focus has met all state reporting requirements for Florida public school districts. Now, our state reporting team has developed beyond the requirements, providing an array of features that help school district users submit data without errors, faster and easier than ever before.

The Focus SIS state reporting team studies the DOE database manuals and remain informed of state changes . This is the case for k-12 state reporting, WDIS state reporting as well as McKay reporting.

Florida State Reporting Includes:

  • Surveys 1-9
  • McKay Surveys A-D
  • All WDIS State Reports
  • DOE Verification Reports
  • FTE Detail reports
  • FTE Summary reports
  • Demographic
  • Federal State Indicator
  • Bus Roster for transportation verification
  • Prior School
  • Teacher Course
  • Student Course
  • English Language Learner
  • Exceptional Student
  • Assessment
  • Discipline/Referral
  • Attendance Verification


  • FCAT pre-id files
  • EOC pre-id files
  • FCAT Explorer
  • Direct Certification
  • Learn Fare Student lists
  • DMV Student lists
  • Missing Children
  • Class Size Report

Here are just a few of the features you can expect:

Focus provides a direct FTP process to submit files to the state.

The Focus SIS provides two reports to review FTE funding: the FTE Details/Summary Report and the Attendance Verification Report.

FTE tracking is incredibly flexible with Focus State Reporting and can be set by day, period, and/or individual students to ensure that the school is keeping the most accurate attendance count possible.

The Focus SIS provides an In/ Out of Field report, which looks at the teachers’ current schedules, the certifications required for those courses and the teachers’ active certifications.

The Focus SIS state reporting team built a FASTER process allowing users to request and receive individual records or send an entire school’s worth of data for Inter-district transcripts, MSIX, college transcripts, Bright Futures and Florida Virtual Campus.

Focus provides schools with the tools necessary to successfully track and report Work- force Development Information System (WDIS) data to standards that exceed Florida DOE Requirements.

In addition to tools that ensure accurate reporting, Focus hosts Florida Survey Summits prior to each State Survey, for both K-12 and WDIS. Our dedicated programmers and state reporting team lend hands-on assistance in preparing data before the submissions are due.


texas_iconTexas State Reporting

We brought our state reporting expertise to school districts in the state of Texas in 2013-2014. In addition to providing all required extracts for PEIMS, assessment precoding and TREx process, Focus brings Texas State verification reports which helps to ensure successful submissions for all PEIMS collections.

Focus provides the all Texas State Reporting:

  • All K-12 PEIMS Collections
  • PEIMS ID Process
  • PEIMS Verification Reports
  • TREx
  • TSDS Pre-ID Process
  • TEA Summary and Detail Reports
  • Pre-Code Verification Reports
  • PET (PID enrollment tracking)
  • Immunizations Verification

Focus Texas State Reporting Provides:

The Focus SIS provides TEA Data Verification Reports that include edit and validation rules that parallel TEA documentation requirements.

Summary reports display error number and percentage per data check, and include a link to navigate to and fix the error.

Verification reports are in real-time, allowing the user to rerun to the report after making corrections and confirm that updated data adheres to the TEA edits and validations.

Certified users within the district can customize edit and validation rules to meet additional district policies as needed.

The Focus SIS includes a TREx process that is not only capable of fully supporting the TREx data exchange, but will also import all TREx data as a single file that feeds into the fields of students’ information.

With Focus, users can send, request, and receive individual records from TREx, or send an entire school’s worth of data.

Focus has a Personal Enrollment Tracking process that fully supports Personal Enrollment, and is more than capable of tracking enrollment in compliance with TEA Collections. This program extracts information from the Person Identification Database (PID), providing schools and districts with the needed ability to maintain their students’ information via PET events.

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